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Provide the best service and advice with low rates and unmatched product offerings.


A free personalized financial service with advice based on the experience of the best mortgage brokers that will help you find the perfect personalized mortgage. The best market rates and the most complete product offer on the market to save you time and money. State-of-the-art technology to streamline and simplify the mortgage process at every step.

Mark Zaki

Mortgage Broker
Mark is happy to serve clients in English, French, and Arabic.

With a background in customer service and technical advising, Mark Zaki is eager to service clients’ real estate lending needs. His solid work ethic is coupled with a passion to help clients achieve their dreams of home ownership and property investment. These characteristics, combined with his boundless energy and focus on customer care, mean Mark is poised to be an asset to his client base.

Orbi Mortgage Group


Canada’s premier mortgage agency offers you access to dozens of credit institutions across Canada, including major banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders. Our team of licensed mortgage professionals is there to help you with all your financing needs and give you expert advice. Our agents work for you and not for a bank and will therefore offer you the best service, the best price and the best products available the market. Our mission and priority is to simplify the mortgage process while saving you time and money.


Why the Orbis Mortgage Group?


More than 10 years of experience in the field of residential and commercial bank loans.


With access to hundreds of credit institutions in Canada, we are able to offer you the best rates on the market.


Regardless of whether you are a first-time home buyer, self-employed or non-resident, we have access to the right programs and products that will meet all of your financing needs.


Our dedicated team of mortgage specialists is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you free expert advice. By working for you and not for a financial institution, our brokers will look for the market to find you the best products and the best rates.

Our Products


Are you ready to make the jump to become an owner?


With interest rates still historically low, there is no better time than now to buy your first home. Let our dedicated team of mortgage brokers guide you through this important purchase. Call us today for more information and free pre-approval. It’s important to know your price range, how much you can afford to buy with confidence and stay focused throughout the process. Whatever your situation, we have solutions for you and can help you realize your real estate dreams.


We take a unique approach to guide you in your first home in a complete and clear way. We will work together to help you understand all aspects of the home buying approach while benefiting from the best interest rates on the market.




With real estate, one of the most attractive and secure investment categories in Canada in a decade, we understand your desire to invest and buy investment properties and multi-unit units. We are in the ability to finance an individual condo up to a complex of 100 to 200 units. Please call us for all your financing needs. Our team is up and able to explore new options and excellent rates with you.


You’re thinking to make a change?


Your Orbis mortgage broker can assess your mortgage needs and determine if your current mortgage is always the right one for you. We can help you evaluate your choices and help you find alternatives that will better meet your needs, and even save you money.


Everything is not going as planned in life, and we are here to offer solutions to all our customers.


Large banks only cater to specific Type A customers and do not offer options to customers who have short-term difficulties. This can be a credit problem, an income problem or other difficulties. We are here to find the best option at the lowest rate for your specific situation. The mortgage group Orbis has experience in all these situations. Call us!


Being a self-employed person has not always made it easy to obtain a mortgage from the first tier banks. Often the mortgage representative of a large bank will not take the necessary time or will not have the knowledge to handle these files with the required experience. The Orbis Mortgage Group and its brokers have access to a wide range of Type A lenders and alternative lenders who can offer excellent self-employment and fixed income programs. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to get a mortgage while making sure you have the best rate on the market for your situation. You can now take advantage of the income and credit flexibility that comes with owning a business while being eligible for a maximum personal loan. Whether you own a corporation or a small family business, these lenders understand that self-employed workers are eligible for tax deductions and that income is subject to a plausibility test. Let our team guide you and find solutions regardless of your situation.


There are a variety of reasons why refinancing your home could be a good option for you. Why not use the capital available in your home to consolidate your debt and repay some of your other obligations? With mortgage interest rates, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of your finances to consolidate everything into simple monthly payments that will leave you with more money to invest or make some renovations!

Contact us today so that one of our representatives can review your files and can show you your refinancing options.


Sometimes your current home needs a little help to become your dream home.


Whether you’re thinking of making the inevitable repairs, building an extension for your growing family, or adding a pool to your yard, home renovations can help you make the most of your home and potentially grow it in value. Many Canadians have taken advantage of the wealth or value of their homes and the low mortgage rates to borrow so they have the money to undertake these projects. Contact our team today to discuss how you can access these additional funds to make your home the one of your dreams.


Do you want to build the property of your dreams? Do you know where to start?


At the Orbis Mortgage Group, we can help you realize your construction financing plan for the house of your dreams. Many institutions have different programs and we are here to guide you. Call us to discuss your specific plan.


Welcome to Canada!


It is not because you are a new immigrant or a non-resident and you have no financial history in Canada that you have to wait to buy a house. We have several solutions available to customers in all kinds of situations. Call us today; with access to multiple lenders we will help you find the right product for you.


Your mortgage must be renewed. Let us help you get an even lower rate.


Most people spend a lot of time shopping around for their initial mortgage, but this is usually not the case when mortgages come due. In today’s world, people often fail to pay proper attention at renewal, costing them thousands of dollars more. In fact, it is said that nearly 60% of borrowers only sign and return their renewal that is first offered to them by their existing lender, without even shopping for a better rate.


Before hearing from your lender, ask your licensed mortgage professional to do the shopping for you. We do business with multiple lending institutions, including major banks, credit unions and trusts; which means we can give you significant bargaining power and save you a lot of money. Ideally, contact our team members four to six months before your mortgage expires to have enough time to find the best solution, product and rate for your needs.


Do you dream of owning a second home?


At the Orbis Mortgage Group, we are able to take your dream and make it a reality. Please contact us to evaluate your specific desires or goals and we will make sure that everything is done with your dream in priority.

Apply to join us!



A successful career in the mortgage industry is waiting for you! At Orbis Mortgage Group, we strive to find successful individuals who want to learn, be their own entrepreneur and get the satisfaction of helping others. We’ve put tools and technology in place to help you succeed and support you every step of the support and education process to help you achieve your goals.





• Higher compensation
• Superior bargaining power with lenders
• Access to exclusive programs, products and rates
• Education and mentoring programs
• Personalized support with branding and marketing
• Structured and personalized plan to help you increase your volume
• Access to intranet and resource centres
• Customer Relationship Management Programs to help you develop your customer database
• Head office that supports you
• Bulletin and marketing initiatives of the company
• Custom print options

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