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Who is Orbis?


As one of the largest independent mortgage brokerages in Quebec, Orbis Mortgage Group continues to stand out as an industry leader. With a unique offering for brokers and the most competitive compensation structure on the market, Orbis is actively seeking driven individuals looking to take their career to the next level in a supportive environment, surrounded by likeminded professionals all working to advance their business.


Orbis brokers have exclusive access to dozens of lending institutions across Canada including large financial institutions, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders, meaning they’re able to find solutions for all clients.


Moreover, our brokers benefit from dynamic leadership, an expansive referral network including several established partnerships, and a corporate structure designed to help optimize performance and earning potential.


We work WITH our brokers at every level, instead of competing against them. Our teams are also surrounded by a complimentary suite of industry experts, all focused on facilitating their work and servicing clients with their financing needs.


As our brokers build and expand their business, they’re rewarded by a market-leading compensation structure, including competitive benefits and bonus opportunities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission


Our brokers’ success IS our mission. We’re building towards defining the mortgage brokerage industry in Quebec by creating a team driven to succeed and deliver quality service, state-of-the-art technology, leading efficiency practices, and unique access to products, all coupled with a boutique corporate structure, minus the bureaucracy.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision


We’re striving to build through strategic partnerships and top-notch recruiting, offering unique opportunities to our company and brokers. We’re growing, and now is the time for you to grow with us. Our quality and efficiency will continue to define our reputation, and our clients will benefit from having the most comprehensive access to lenders, products, and advantageous rates, delivered with the highest attention to customer care.

The Orbis Difference

Orbis brokers average the highest volume in the industry, and with good reason. From internal support systems including marketing services and a unique underwriting team to strategic partnerships, we also offer the most competitive compensation structure on the market. Orbis’ brokers are given every opportunity to thrive and build their own business under the leading Orbis brand.

+ Industry Leading Compensation

  • No monthly fees
  • Top commission splits in the industry including Lender Volume bonuses
  • No franchise commission split
  • Orbis offers approximately 35% higher commission than its competitors

+ Dedicated Underwriting Support

  • An internal underwriting desk designed to streamline the deal process, resulting in improved efficiency across the board
  • Industry leading technology through the Scarlett system
  • CRM and deal management systems through Salesforce
  • Professional development: Orbis invests in its brokers by providing continued support and opportunities to improve efficiency, enabling them to increase their deal flow and optimize performance.

+ Marketing

  • Orbis encourages its brokers to build their own client base and personal brand through in-house marketing services that leverage Orbis’ reputation and corporate strategy.
  • Branding guidelines, social media content, newsletters, and more are all provided by Orbis to be leveraged by our brokers.

+ CIMBC Membership

  • The mandate of the CIMBC is to provide a consistent and efficient mortgage experience for all lenders while ensuring members have access to the largest number of products and lenders possible.
  • Through Orbis’ partnership with CIMBC, we are able to offer the most complete product mix on the market at the lowest cost for the client.

+ Access to Lenders

  • Orbis brokers have access to the widest range of products and most advantageous rates on the market. These include major financial institutions such as big banks and lenders, as well as private and alternative lenders.
  • Access to such a vast range of products means our brokers can find a solution for any client, whether they’re first-time buyers, newcomers to Canada, self-employed, or have been rejected by A-lenders.

+ Points of Pride

  • Orbis is one of the only Quebec-owned independent mortgage brokerages
  • Orbis brokers are renowned and respected for their efficiency, transparency, quality, and attention to customer-service.
  • Orbis is committed to giving back to the community in which it operates. We proudly support local initiatives and non-profits including the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal Children’s Hospital, and more.

Why work at Orbis?


The simple answer is because Orbis is a company that invests in its people and
provides the resources they need to optimize their performance,
reaping rewards from the subsequent results.

What you can expect


+ Leads

Orbis brokers are not in competition with their brokerage; in fact, we generate leads for our brokers


+ Data

Orbis brokers own their own data, we DO NOT solicit their clients


+ Referral Sources

We generate referral sources for our brokers.


+ Technology

We provide our brokers with top technology to help them stay organized and optimize results.


+ Free Services

Free services for our brokers include:

  • Access to marketing materials designed by industry leading professionals
  • Scarlett System: the most efficient system on the market, Scarlett enables clients to easily submit their application, and approvals are often generated within minutes, saving brokers time on every deal.
  • Filogix
  • Personalized Mortgage application link for each broker and their referral source
  • Personalized landing page
  • Accounting services
  • Internal intranet allowing lender information sharing

+ Underwriting Desk

  • Brokers have the option to access our desk’s expert knowledge of all lenders.
  • Their knowledge and expertise expedite the approval process.
  • Underwriters help guide brokers on how and where to work their files.
  • Brokers are freed up to focus on building customer relationships and increasing deal volume.

+ Commercial Arm

Orbis Commercial provides corporate finance, as well as commercial and multi-residential lending services, creating a comprehensive lending experience for clients all under one roof:



+ Benefits

  • Life insurance
  • Medical & Disability insurance

+ Personalized Coaching

  • Brokers are guided to build and encouraged to grow their personal business plan
  • Given access to grow their network of referral sources
  • Given access to all team coaching with special guest speakers

+ Experience

  • Orbis is a growing firm with a tight-knit culture; our team is dynamic, hungry to build, and encouraging of each other’s success.
  • Orbis brokers are not competing with the franchise or office owner for clients, we are here to help build your business.
  • We will help you grow, whether you are doing 5mm or 50mm, we will help you understand the needs at every stage of your business and client base.


No monthly fees

Top commission splits in the industry including Lender Volume bonuses

No franchise commission split

Orbis offers approximately 35% higher commission than its competitors


Available Positions

Positions are available in the following regions:


Montréal, Québec City, Rimouski, Chicoutimi, Abitibi,

Saint-Jérôme, Rive-Sud, Rive-Nord, Trois-Rivières, Baie-Comeau, Sept-Îles, and more.


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