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October 30, 2020

At Orbis, your safety is our priority. We see the number of COVID-19 cases flaring again province-wide and we understand people’s concern with the situation. Rest assured that with Orbis’ 100% digital mortgage, it’s possible to obtain a mortgage without any in-person interaction.

Digital Mortgage

From the credit check to the mortgage application, all forms can be filled out and signed digitally with guidance from any of Orbis’ experienced mortgage brokers. In addition, lenders are presenting their offers virtually to brokers, which are then translated to Orbis clients digitally and via telephone. This is true for both new mortgages and refinancing situations.

The transition to digital operations was rather simple for mortgage brokers because much of the application process already occurred virtually. Meaning when the industry got turned on its head, mortgage brokers were prepared to handle the situation seamlessly for their clients. Fortunately, the rest of the real estate industry was quick to follow suit.

Property Appraisals

As for property appraisals, physical visits are currently allowed but are no longer required. Instead, drive by appraisals are being offered whereby the appraiser will examine the exterior of the home and then study photos of the interior and appropriate documentation in order to determine its assessment.

Everyone is adapting as needed to the current situation; even notaries are now capable of doing contact-free closings.

Real estate brokers

Between lockdowns and a general apprehension toward in person meetings, digital real estate transactions have become more common place. During the initial lockdown, virtual tours became popular, and real estate brokers were careful to include protective conditions in their clients’ offers. While in person real estate transaction are currently permitted, COVID-19 did increase the pace of innovation in the real estate industry, which will ultimately facilitate transactions to the benefit of both buyers and sellers.

Putting safety first

Orbis Mortgage Group is proud to offer 100% digital mortgages in order to ensure the safety of our clients and their families. In addition, our mortgage brokers are also working remotely to expedite clients’ applications while staying safe themselves. While you may not be meeting them in person for the foreseeable future, rest assured that our brokers are here for you at every step of the mortgage process.

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