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How Orbis leverages the most advanced technology in the industry


Applying for a mortgage entails sharing sensitive, private information about things like your income and net worth. At Orbis, we take our commitment to protecting your information and expediting your application extremely seriously. That’s why all of our brokers operate using EmPower vs Scarlett the most advanced technology available to mortgage brokers.


What is EmPower vs Scarlett

EmPower vs Scarlett is the key to how Orbis brokers handle your information and process your application. It’s essentially a broker management software that enables brokers to safely store client information at their fingertips. The technology allows your broker to stay constantly connected. If you need something or have a question about your application, your broker can pull up your information in seconds to verify its status. 

Why it works

By having all of our brokers on the same system, you can rest assured that our entire office and underwriting desk function as one. Our mortgage professionals are all up to date on your file’s status and have a vested interest in expediting your application while protecting your personal information. 

Improved efficiency

Processing applications must be done in a timely fashion. Delaying the process can result in the loss of favorable rates and products. Thankfully, through EmPower vs Scarlett, Orbis brokers are able to optimize the speed at which mortgage applications and prequalification applications are processed, sometimes in as little as a few hours. 

100% digital mortgage

The safety of our clients and brokers is always our priority. That’s why EmPower vs Scarlett is particularly advantageous during COVID-19. The technology allows our brokers to provide clients with a totally digital mortgage, meaning no face-to-face meetings are required to process and approve your file. Staying safe while getting approved – from a distance.





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